Meeting Evaluations

Below is a list of surveys for ASH meetings that are active or will be available soon. To claim CME credit for a meeting that you attended, select that meeting and login if prompted. Once logged in, click on "Evaluate" to launch the evaluation of the meeting you attended. Please make sure you are registered for a meeting before you attempt to evaluate it.

Note that CME credit for the ASH annual meeting is not available through ASH Academy. For detailed instructions on how to claim CME credit for the annual meeting, please visit the ASH website.

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HOA - Highlights of ASH

Highlights of ASH (HOA) meetings provide a synopsis of the top hematology research presented at the latest ASH® annual meeting. These exceptional educational opportunities feature leading hematology experts presenting unbiased analyses of ASH annual meeting abstracts and sessions, including evolving therapies, the latest treatment options, and their clinical applications.

Asia 2014
Athens, Greece 2019
Atlanta 2014
Atlanta, GA 2017
Atlanta, Georgia 2016
Austin, Texas 2015
Bali, Indonesia 2018
Bangkok 2015
Bangkok, Thailand 2019
California 2016
Chicago 2017
Chicago 2017
Chicago, IL 2017
Chicago, IL 2017
Chicago, IL 2018
Chicago, IL 2019
Dallas 2014
Dallas 2017
Dallas 2017
Dallas, Texas 2016
Dallas, TX 2017
Dallas, TX 2017
Dallas, TX 2018
Dallas, TX 2019
DC 2015
Hong Kong 2017
Hong Kong 2017
Hong Kong 2017
Hong Kong 2017
Latin America 2014
Lima, Peru 2019
Miami 2014
Miami, FL 2018
New York 2014
New York 2017
New York 2017
New York, New York 2015
New York, New York 2016
New York, NY 2017
New York, NY 2017
New York, NY 2018
New York, NY 2019
NY 2017
NY 2017
Orlando, Florida 2015
Porto Alegre, Brazil 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2018
San Diego 2015
San Diego 2016
San Francisco 2014
San Francisco, CA 2018
San Francisco, CA 2019
Seattle 2014
Seattle 2015
Seattle, WA 2019
Seattle, Washington 2016
Toronto, Ontario 2016
Washington, DC 2018
Washington, DC 2019
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