About Teaching Cases

ASH Teaching Cases are a widely-used educational resource among hematology instructors and medical students. These popular learning tools are now available on ASH Academy with a new look and more visually-interactive format. Enhancements include improved compatibility with mobile devices, and a convenient option for learners to keep track of their progress toward completion in one or more cases even when logging out and back in to ASH Academy over multiple site visits.

The Teaching Cases emphasize standard approaches to classic hematologic problems across malignant, non-malignant, adult, and pediatric disease areas and topics. They are designed to simulate the steps involved in diagnosing a patient, from taking the history and performing a physical exam, to ordering and interpreting lab tests, to making a final diagnosis and following the clinical course of the disease. While working through each case, learners are challenged to consider the right questions to ask at each step in the process. Each case includes a set of teaching points and a bibliography with links to references.

How do the newly redesigned Teaching Cases work for you? Send us feedback on the new look or suggestions for improvement: digitaleducation@hematology.org